Let us fix your Bluebooking — and more.

Because you have better, more interesting things to do, and so do the other attorneys and paralegals at your firm.

Because even the most highly trained professionals overlook things... but our software doesn’t.

An overview of Cite.ly

Cite.ly does the most excruciating, hardest-to-perfect part of finalizing your brief for you: double-checking your case law citations (and more). And it does the job better than any human can. So let Cite.ly do the work, and free yourself up to refine the substance in your writing—what your clients actually expect you to be worrying about.

Or, you know, you could take a moment for a breather before hopping on CM/ECF and uploading your brief...

Some highlights of Cite.ly’s capabilities

Although at first this short excerpt from a legal brief might look relatively error-free, Cite.ly shows that it’s not. Indeed, Cite.ly quickly identifies numerous errors:

Your own briefs may or may not be as error-prone as the example above. But, our review of countless briefs filed in federal courts by the top firms in the country shows that a typical 30-page brief from these firms, written by graduates from the nation’s top law schools, can easily have a dozen or more errors like these—all this, after the briefs have gone through the best that these firms have to offer in proofreading!

These errors tend to slip by you when you’ve been over and over the brief, when you’re low on sleep, when you’re distracted, or when you find proofreading boring (who doesn’t?).

With Cite.ly, you can catch the kinds of errors shown above and many more, without putting in any effort scrutinizing each line and citation in your brief, practically instantaneously.

How Cite.ly works

1. You send us your brief

2. We work our magic, using the power of automation

3. As soon as we can (typically within an hour or two), we get you your brief back, all fixed up!

Most clients prefer that we mark up their briefs with tracked changes ("redline") and explain our edits with comment bubbles. We are happy to adjust our processes to meet your needs.