Frequently Asked Questions

What are's capabilities?
Why should my firm use
Will eliminate every citation formatting error in my brief?

What are’s capabilities? can fix more than one hundred kinds of citation errors. You will find out when you’ve
• inserted or omitted a space, an asterisk, a comma, or a period;
• left out a pincite;
• misformatted a pincite;
• used an incorrect or misabbreviated reporter or court identifier;
• used misplaced (or missing) parentheses;
• used inconsistent captions for a case;
• used a short-form citation before the first long-form citation for a case;
• left out a case number for a Westlaw or Lexis database citation (e.g., "No. 2:13-cv-3922");
• cited inconsistently to Westlaw or Lexis databases;
• or made numerous other kinds of errors. does not (yet) do much "substantive" cite-checking, but can catch certain substantive errors using certain technology embedded within our systems. For example, in certain cases will inform you that you have cited to the wrong year, the wrong reporter, or the wrong volume of the relevant reporter for your case.

Why should my firm use

Humans aren’t perfect. Our world-class system relies on well-written software to detect errors in your briefs. Software doesn’t get tired, distracted, or confused. Our algorithms identify, in the blink of an eye, issues that the (talented, intelligent) humans who write or edit your brifes inevitably miss. Our legal staff then polishes things to perfection before sending them back to you.

• Your firm’s lawyers and paralegals have better, more interesting things to do. Most briefs are finalized in the last few hours available. Why distract from time you could spend on substance? With, you can refocus your attention on the most critical stuff. Let us focus on making sure your writing looks right. Your briefs will end up more persuasive and cleaner—and your paralegals and lawyers, who get to focus on more interesting work, will be happier.

• Our system has bright minds behind it. Our software is designed, written and tested by lawyers with J.D.s from Harvard Law and other top U.S. law schools. We tested our software with help from lawyers at Vault 100 firms to ensure that it will meet the needs of any litigator.

• We provide a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

• We assure you confidentiality. We do not provide legal advice, but as a vendor receiving attorney work-product before it is publicly filed, we are bound to keep your confidence.

Will eliminate every citation formatting error in my brief?

Sometimes! The range of errors that can catch is truly vast. But, to paraphrase a fake Einstein quote, let's say that "genius has limitations, but the errors to be made when writing a brief are boundless." That is, no person and no tool can promise perfection in this art. But, we can promise to get you a lot closer :)